Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So far

Well so far the game is pretty sweet for an action mmorpg. Its got sort of a Monster Hunter feel to it and its pretty sexy looking. For free game it has some amazing graphics. But the game play is pretty much left and right click. On the occasion that you suck enough to get hit you hit 1 to use an hp pot. Its all dungeon based and when you get of the noob boat you have to use tokens. This is where I see a marketing tool for cashshop. The current cap is 26 and of course I'm there. I really like this sort of play and wish it was live with all the content. But since its in "Early access beta" only 2 classess are out and they are both gender locked. Female with sword and shield. Male with twin swords. Cap doesn't take to long to hit. 2-3 days if your hardcore 5-6 if your soft. Well time to go play it some more.


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  2. Sometimes the simple games with simple graphics are better;)